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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

MPs Expenses and me

Every year the row over MPs expenses blows up as the figures are published.

And without fail, every year I get angry, for two reasons;

1. The amount of MPs who try and find the loopholes and exploit the expenses; they should be found out and shamed!

2. When a journalist lambasts an MP for spending say £150,000 a year on expenses but doesn't explain that £84,000 of that is for staff salaries, and that there are other set amounts for set items.

I'm not here to defend their expenses and certainly not how the system is operated but I do think MPs should be sensible and use the allownaces for exactly what they're for.

The scandal of the second homes claims is outrageous and Eric Pickles should be ashamed of himself for saying its too far to commute!

I used to live in Dartford (further out than Eric Pickles house) and I used to commute to Westminster and had to pay for my own travel.

It also depends on where they live, if they've chosen not to live in the constituency they represent should they also be able to claim a second home in the one they represent if they are London MPs?

I don't think so.

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