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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Boris Johnson and the £250,000 chicken feed

Boris Johnson is soooooo out of touch with the people he represents, or sort of represents.

I still retain a small interest in London as I ran Brian Paddick's Mayoral campaign for the Liberal Democrats, and am still angered by some of the silly claims made by others during that election.

Now we have a Mayor who thinks £250,000 per year is chicken feed, get a grip Boris, for crying out loud, get yourself out of City Hall and go and visit some of the voters in the inner London Boroughs (not the Tory Boroughs) who earn around £16,000 per year - it would take them over 15 years to mass that kind of money. I appreciate that you give some of it to charity - whooppee whoo.

I give a decent percentage of my salary to charity too Boris, but I don't crow about it.

You have to read this great story by The Guardian, to actually appreciate the Mayor's sheer arrogance and also how out of touch he is not only with his Party Leader but more importantly the great number of Londoners who don't earn £140,000 a year with additional earnings of £250,000 for writing a few words on paper!

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