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Friday, 31 July 2009

Labour and Britain's shame over Gary McKinnon

The "hacking case" involving Gary McKinnon is taking over the print media and the online media by storm, and rightly bloody so. Unfortunately for all of the wrong reasons because Gary McKinnon has lost his case.

If the boot was on the other foot, or the hacker in the other country how different it would be.

Can you imagine Barack Obama allowing a US citizen to be dealt with in this manner?

No, me neither.

Today's decision is a major blow both to Gary McKinnon, his long suffering family and supporters.

There has been a succession of Government Ministers over the last 7 years who have just left this to drag on and on. Today, each one of them should hang their head in shame.

The Government must ensure that the US-UK Extradition Treaty is repealed and that its replacement treats US and British citizens equally.

The DPP has refused to order a trial here in the UK, saying the bulk of the evidence was located in the USA and that Gary McKinnon's actions were directed against the US military infrastructure so that is where the trial should be. Alan Johnson MP in his second stupid statement this week as Home Secretary (the first being ID cards) has backed up the DPP and court judgement.

Alan Johnson is the 5th Home Secretary to deal with this case, it started back when David Blunkett was in the job!

There are a lot of different blog postings about this around and about but the best one by far is here especially the line about David Cameron is bound to jump on this bandwagon as he did the Gurkha's.

The Free Gary campaign site is here -

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