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Monday, 13 July 2009

Donations to political parties must be from UK taxpayers

Responding to news that the Government is to perform a U-turn on its opposition to a ban on donations from ‘non-doms’, Liberal Democrat Shadow Justice Secretary, David Howarth said: "Jack Straw has finally bowed to pressure from across Parliament to ban the biggest exercise in buying constituencies since rotten boroughs."

Well done David!

But it really shouldn't have taken so long for Labour Ministers to see that it’s right in principle to stop large donations from people who do not pay tax in Britain.

Now those Tory donors will have to pay their dues to the country before they pay their subs to the Conservatives.

David Howarth added; "David Cameron must now explain whether he will hold Lord Ashcroft to his promise on paying UK taxes, or stop accepting his millions."

Given the hoo haa on MPs expenses it is time to clear up the donations as well.

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And Marcus Evans?

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