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Sunday, 12 July 2009

SNP candidate for Glasgow North East stands down

Today's Sunday Herald carried the story that James Dornan the SNP candidate for the forthcoming Glasgow North East by-election has already stood down, less than a week after being selected, stating he had illegally taken a position despite being declared bankrupt.

James had apparently accepted a position as 'partner Director' and trustee with Glasgow Culture & Sport, an arms-length council organisation which was a charity. despite section 52.1 of the body's Articles of Association stating that an "undischarged bankrupt" (which James Dornan was at the time) could not take such a position.

As this is obviously a really technical side of the law, at least he has done the right thing, given the current climate with politicians and trust and stood down and therefore also turn the attention of the election back onto Labour's record in Glasgow, whether it be Westminster or even the Council.

Will David Kerr now come to the fray again, or feel as he was rejected the first time that he is no longer interested?

The SNP's initial PPC Grant Thoms stood down and now his replacement has stepped down less than a week after being voted in as the candidate. I am not criticising this, because sometimes these things happen, but it isn't a good start for the SNP.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats are shortly about to announce their candidate and who knows with the Conservatives.....

1 comment:

Caron said...

Can you just imagine what Labour would do to David Kerr if he re-entered the fray?

It wouldn't be pretty.

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