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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Nick Clegg talking more sense on Afghanistan

Nick Clegg is in today's Independent newspaper talking sense about our troops and the campaign in Afghanistan.

Yet again it is Nick Clegg challenging the Government on this very important issue, I guess again David Cameron will try to catch Nick Clegg up as I blogged last week here.

Nick Clegg says "We must stop asking our troops to fight modern wars with equiment designed for the last century. If we duck these choices yet again, it will be future generations of British servicemen and women who will pay the price for our mistakes. That would be the ultmiate betrayal of their dedication and sacrifice."

Yet again Nick Clegg shows he is the only Leader of a mainstream UK political party with his finger on the button on this and with Vince Cable watching over the economy, what a team, it's time for change I agree, but lets not go back to awful days of the Conservatives, I remember them the first time.

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