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Monday, 20 July 2009

Chloe Smith already works in Westminster

It has been great fun helping April Pond and the Lib Dem team this weekend at the by-election HQ in Norwich North. A great way to spend some holiday time.

Today April did great on the Radio phone in interview, it was a great pity though that no-one tackled Chloe the Tory who claims she's independent and not part of the politics of today or the Westminster scandal......

Because in today's The Times "She (Chloe Smith) describes herself as a “business consultant” but is vague about what she does for Deloitte. Perhaps this is because she is on secondment to the Conservatives’ implementation unit. Ms Smith, who is registered as an assistant to James Clappison, a Shadow Work and Pensions Minister, is drawing up plans on how the party would govern once in power."

Come on Cameron, how the hell do you and your party claim that she isn't involved, she's actually working for the Conservatives?

Here is your Tory candidate working for James Clappison who was embroiled on the expenses scandal for gardening etc etc, she is involved in the Westminster village already, why not be honest with the voters, what are you hiding or scared of?

Chloe holds a Parliamentary pass because she works for the Conservatives in Westminster at the moment but they won't tell you that, what's in the cupboard?


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a bit rich to try and tar an assistant with the actions of their employer? Also working as a business consultant hardly places her at the heart of Westminster politics? I thought the Lib Dems were above mud slinging!

How is Ms Pond's delightful moated home?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Isn't it a bit rich to criticise April for being a sucesful business woman and owning a hosue with a moat when Tory MPs were making the taxpayer pay for the cleaning of their moat ?

Also, why was Chloe Smith so reticent to revealshw works for the Tory party rather than misleading us by claiming she was working as a business consultant and why did she remove link to James Clappison from her campaign site ?

Alchemist said...

Does she really have a moat???

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