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Friday, 17 July 2009

David Cameron's green flight to Norwich - NOT

So David Cameron visits Norwich North for a campaign visit, all good so far.

He only stayed for around 20 minutes at the venue, again, not too bad.

He met experts from the University of East Anglia working on cutting-edge research aimed at turning crop waste into fuels. Again this isn't too bad.


He flew by helicopter to get there!

Remember the crap slogan - "Vote Blue, get Green", well what a load of tosh.

Firstly only the Liberal Democrats manifesto's were voted the Greenest, secondly the Tories were the dirtiest Party in Europe and now have joined a homophobic group.

The good people of Norwich North have a real chance for change next Thursday after Ian Gibson resigned. The Tories are not green, the Greens don't have a real chance but yes, April Pond the Liberal Democrats candidate would stand up for Norwich and will use the train to Westminster not "Dave's" helicopter.

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