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Sunday, 27 June 2010

England beaten by the Germans - cheats, better players and goal line technology

So, England is out of the 2010 World Cup, some may say just a few days after they should have been.

However, before everyone turns on Fabio Capello we have to remember that this is a team game and every single player on the squad has to take their share of the responsibility as does the FA and I really hope they all do so.

Despite being completely out played in the first twenty minutes we have to ask what would have happened if the German goalkeeper had been honest in the 39th minute when Frank Lampard's chip beat the goalie but was never given?

How did the Referee, two linesmen and the fourth official miss it when everyone else in the stadium saw it, including the German goalie who obviously is not an honest player, in fact he is a cheat?

See below for yourselves.

What would have happened if that goal had been given when the teams had come back out in the second half, would England have been rejuvenated?

To be perfectly honest, probably not, they were out played and out classed today and really did not deserve to win.

One question for Fabio though, why on earth did you bring on Shaun Wright-Phillips in the 87th minute?  What did you really think he could add or alter at that extremely late stage?

So, ignoring the result now back to the goal that wasn't.

The Mirror put it like this:
It is frankly ludicrous that Sepp Blatter and his FIFA mandarins continue to shrug their shoulders at such injustices as the one Lampard suffered when the entire stadium, through all manner of new technology, knew within minutes the ball had crashed off Neuer's bar and bounced at least two feet over the line.
It has brought the discussions of goal line technology, back in 2005 FIFA had agreed to a ball with a chip, at the International Football Association Board (IFAB) at its 119th Annual General Meeting near Cardiff, Wales, on 26 February 2005, whatever happened to that?

Unfortunately some five years later at the 124th Annual General Meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), chaired by FIFA as is traditional in a FIFA World Cup year, the meeting was marked by the major decision to no longer pursue the development of goal-line technology.
“The IFAB has decided not to pursue goal-line technology and to no longer continue experiments in that area,” explained the FIFA Secretary General, Jerome Valcke, in his opening statement. “The question posed to the members of the IFAB was simple: should we introduce technology in football or not? The answer from the majority of members was no, even if was not unanimous.”
The meeting went on and comments were then made by Jonathan Ford, Football Association of Wales and Patrick Nelson, Irish Football Association;
A significant decision, it was arrived at for a number of reasons, with the most important undoubtedly revolving around the philosophy of the game. “The human aspect of football is essential to this sport,” said Jonathan Ford of the Football Association of Wales. “The big moments in this sport – whatever they are – get supporters talking and go down in history. That’s what makes this sport so vibrant.”
“We were all agreed that technology shouldn’t enter football because we want football to remain human, which is what makes it great,” added Patrick Nelson of the Irish Football Association. “The fans keep talking about these matches again and again, and relive them.”

What a load of crap, has rugby been ruined? No.

Has tennis been ruined? No.

This continued head in the sand approach by FIFA and especially Sepp Blatter is just showing him and FIFA as being out of touch and arrogant on this key topic.

1 comment:

Bernard Salmon said...

I don't think the German keeper is a cheat - it's not his job to give the goal, it's the officials' job.
And while I think the case for big football games to use technology, I think the goal that never was is a bit of a red herring in today's game - England would probably have been well beaten today regardless. While the whole team was very poor today, I think in particular questions have to be asked about John Terry and Wayne Rooney. Terry was out of position for all four goals, while Rooney never turned up for the whole tournament.

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