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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Andrew Reeves is still suspended on Twitter - but the support is awesome

Wow, what a difference a day makes?

Yesterday I was watching Twitter via Tweetdeck while writing the last batch of Christmas cards when up popped the tweet from ITV News slagging off Nigella Lawson as shown in the picture below.

I re-tweeted ITV News error tweet which in turn was being re-tweeted all over the place, in fact so much so that I ended up being a trending topic in London - some fame at long last.

I then wrote a brief blog post which you can read HERE and then sent a link to that post to all the people who had re-tweeted my original re-tweet and that is apparently where I went wrong.

However, for all of those of you who are into conspiracy theories, my account was suspended at exactly the same time ITV News finally put an apology out on their Twitter account;

"Apologies for a rogue tweet that was posted from the @itv_news account"
 So, have ITV complained directly to Twitter and got my account suspended, or is the suspension down to an infringement of their rules because I have replied to a lot of people with the same link?

Given each of those people had in fact re-tweeted one of my tweets, my user name was therefore in their timeline and in fact many also decided to follow me yesterday so all in all this maybe nothing more than an error on Twitters or my behalf - nothing more, or nothing less.

I have emailed Twitters suspended accounts team directly to ascertain if my twitter account can be reinstated.

Dear Twitter - please hurry with the decision, I feel lost and empty without you and my friends.

Thank you to all of you who have blogged or tweeted in my support, it is very, very humbling but lovely to know I have so many friends.

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