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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Angela Constance MSP is new Scottish Minister for Skills & Lifelong Learning

So, a promotion for Angela Constance MSP and another woman into the Scottish Government cabinet.

Angela Constance is MSP for Livingston, which at the election in May is to become Almond Valley, with an SNP notional majority of just 242.

I am sorry, but this appointment as Keith Brown's to Transport Minister prove that Alex Salmond is just playing politics with these appointments rather than thinking of governing Scotland and it's people.

Both appointments are nothing more than a sham.


Munguin said...

There is a lot of that sham politics about as you will know being a Lib Dem.

But don't bother to explain will you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Students,

If you vote for us, we promise not to put your fees up... unless of course it means losing our ministerial portfolios, cars, salaries, offices, staff, respect...etc...


Yours sincerely

The Liberal Democrats

Anonymous said...

Don't assume that the SNP is like the Lib Dems when it comes to ministerial appointments.

And actually when you take on Ministerial responsibility (or shift responsibility as Keith Brown has done), you usually end up with less time to deal with your constituency than other.

Load of unsubstantiated tosh, I say.

Anonymous said...

What a petty, not to say ill-informed, post.

Perhaps you should ask some of your colleagues who actually know Angela what they think.

Clipper said...

I'm intrigued, what would the appointments have to be to be 'not a sham'?

Andrew Reeves said...

To Munguin, I have no idea what you are talking about1

To tris - the pledge was made in good faith when we were campaigning to form teh next government. The Coalition has meant compromise on some issues - right or wrong.

To anonymous - it isn't unsubstantiated tosh, but we are both entitled to an opinion, at least I have the balls to put my name to my opinion.

To anonymous - As above.

To clipper - these appointments have been made because they have such small majorities, I would rather they were made on talent - a comment I have said to my own party in the past.

Anonymous said...


You have a coalition agreement whereby the Conservatives can campaign against and vote against the pretend PR system of government you managed to get in the agreement, which means of course that it will fail. But in which you have to vote with the Tories on student fees after you signed pledges saying you wouldn't put them up...

No sir, that's not good enough. Your people lied... or they are prepared to roll over for the Tories for any little biscuit thrown their way...

The Liberals are finished....9%

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