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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Glasgow East by-election

Another good performance by Ian Robertson, he's born and bred in the East End so knows it well.

Today in The Sun Ian scored 9/10 on his performance at the PCS hustings, which the Labour candidate had to leave for another engagement - bizarre.

The Tories are bringing Thatchers "children" old MPs round, like IDS and Hague, and they look so out of palce in the community.

The SNP literature is bizarre to say the least, it appears they've given up already and are admitting defeat.

But, they say a weeks a long time in politics so let's see what happens!

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Stephen Glenn said...

At least the Labour Candidate turned up. There was the bizarre incident in Livingston in 2005 where Robin Cook was replaced at one Hustings by his agent one Jim Devine, only for later on in the year for the by election candidate Jim Devine to then be replaced by his agent.

However, I do feel that if Labour keep showing such disregard to all party hustings they are in serious danger of neglected those voters who take their democratic right to select their candidate on actual knowledge very glibbly.

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