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Monday, 14 July 2008

Train delays

I guessed last night as Amy and I were turfed off the 21.30 train from Glasgow at Linlithgow that the cancellations and problems would transfer to this morning.

Despite having 6 hours (more than I got in sleep) to move trains around and get them in the right place the 6.05am that I'm catching to York is now at least 15 minutes late.

If it had been on time I had 28 minutes at York to change so every minute counts here Richard Branson!

Why having had 6 hours to plan was it not sorted?

On the positive side, if there is such a thing with train delays, the replacement bus was at Linlithgow within 10 minutes last night, something South Eastern trains could never have managed in a million years!

Its now 6.12am and no sign of the Virgin train leaving platform 8 in 3 minutes.

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