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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Glasgow to lose in East Coast Main Line plans

Often during a by-election campaign you can see a party which runs a council, or the government put extra resources into an area especially if it is the same party who is defending the vacant seat and the more cynical amongst us then accuse them of trying to buy the election.

We have seen accusations thrown at the SNP for holding one of their national conversations pieces in Glasgow North East for example.

However, it is rare, and some may even say stupid when you see a party defending a seat take the opposite action.

Imagine if you will an MP stands down, the party defending this seat then leaves it vacant for say four months, then perhaps the same party defending the seat which also runs the local council decides to shut some local schools.

Then the same party defending this seat now vacant for over four months, with less schools than it used to have then announces it is going to slash train services into this major city just six days before polling day.

Well, that party is the Labour Party and the seat is Glasgow North East.

Today we have learnt that the new East Coast main line services will no longer go through to Glasgow in proposals that have emerged today, the new December 2010 timetable is under discussion and will have to go out to public consultation before plans are finalised.

I don't think I will ever understand the logic of the Labour party.

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Al D said...

Glasgow isn't on the east coast.

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