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Thursday, 5 November 2009

John Lamont MSP - should he quit now?

We should really ask the same question of Alex Johnstone MSP and Margaret Curran MSP as well as John Lamont.

All three of these MSPs now aspire to the House of Commons, one of them has a better chance than the other two and it would be great to see Margaret Curran beat the SNPs John Mason.

The question I suspect you are asking yourself is why should John Lamont quit as an MSP, my answer is he shouldn't. However he should quit if he is still aspiring to be an MP because as the Kelly report clearly states you shouldn't sit in to legislatures as he is trying to do.

In fact the Kelly report is saying that this practice of sitting in two legislatures should end before the 2011 elections so in fact John Lamont should decide to either (a) quit as an MSP now and fight the general election or (b) quit as a candidate now and focus on what he was elected to do which was a be a full time MSP.

John Lamont is clearly an embarrassment to both of his leaders, Annabel Goldie and David Cameron as they are both on the record now accepting the Kelly report in full - will either of them be telling John Lamont to drop one or other, or have they changed their minds?

Annabel Goldie has constantly hassled Alex Salmond about this dual mandate issue for a while but is now on the back foot and looking rather stupid because of both Alex Johnstone and John Lamont. However, now she will have to seriously think about what they are to do in light of the Kelly report.

The only people that lose out with these "Tory two job types" are the voters who deserve a full time MP and a full time MSP - not one


Anonymous said...

Bubbles Lamont won't quit because he has no courage.
He's a "knife in the back" individual obsessed with politics and wants to keep his options open.
When Michael Moore defeats him at the General Election he will still have a job at Holyrood.

Anonymous said...

I agree - what does he want London and Westminster or Edinburgh and Holyrood - he can't have his cake and eat it and as I voted for him as our MSP I would really like him to honour that commitment. This is just where Politicians fall down every time - they want the power and there is no greater political "bells on" than Westminster. The problem come the next election is that Scotland doesn't think the same way and John Lamont should remember that if successful in his Westminster bid he will have far less influence in Scotland as there may only be two or three Conservative MPS. Hardly a mandate for Cameron. He should stick to Holyrood and stand down as the Westminster candidate before he too is pushed.

Anonymous said...

I would not vote for Bubbles, I would without a doubt have voted Conservative if Chris Walker was still there. Bubbles is a disgrace and should the whole of the party should see this. Who let him run for Westminster when Walker stepped down?? Get rid of him, the country needs a man and not a shampoo sipping mouse!

Anonymous said...

It's all good stuff.

I am an expat living here in Dubai. I came here looking for information on our local dolphin "Bubbles" but instead stumbled on this and it is much more interesting.

This guy sounds unbelievable. My idea is... let the dolphin stand instead of him. She certainly seems a more straight forward candidate!

Bubbles for Westminster.. (say it loud and say it proud)

Anonymous said...

Bubbles the dolphin for Westminster!!!!

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