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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Scottish Lib Dem Conference aftermath

Well, there were shocks and strange decisions yesterday at the Scottish Liberal Democrats conference in Dunfermline.

According to the media, we were holding it behind closed doors to keep the splits private, erm wrong, it was behind closed doors because only Party Members can vote on amending our Constitution, why would we let anyone else in on that?

The decision for this conference to be a Members only event was taken around 6 or 7 months ago, long before the decision to discuss Independence was taken. The SNP are obviously unhappy today as they assumed we would split, splinter and crumble.

Sorry to disappoint Alex Salmond but we are stronger than that, some may say it's because we are made and Bru'd in Scotland from girders, to pinch a slogan from a well know drink.

There were shock decisions as I said before, don't get me wrong, not many expected cream cheese in their ham & cheese rolls or food left over from the lunchtime fringe events!

I jest, as Caron muses, with 60 pages of constitution to go through and therefore 441 potential votes, oh yes, and there is the Party's AGM to start the morning off there was plenty for the Party Members to get their teeth into.

My view on the day, a good day, with some great speeches and debates and the aftermath?

A strong Party, a strong Leader, Tavish Scott who is leading us into the General Election campaign positive, strong and determined to win more votes and win more seats and replace the Labour Party.

Don't forget, the SNP may have the minority government in Scotland, but for Westminster, where the SNP are irrelevant and the Tories one MP even more so, it is only the Scottish Liberal Democrats who can replace Labour in Scotland - it is we who are second with the number of MPs going into this election and with the polls only putting us 4% apart it is the Scottish Liberal Democrats who are marching forward, upwards and onwards.


Jeff said...

Hang on, how is the SNP "irrelevant" in Scotland but the Lib Dems somehow aren't?

"it is only the Scottish Liberal Democrats who can replace Labour in Scotland"

Do you know how silly that sounds? You're sitting a distant 4th in the polls. At least be serious.

I'm sure you have a dodgy bar chart somewhere to back up you're on the verge of beating Labour but, really, this nonsense just cheapens the debate, surely?

Anonymous said...

"is the Scottish Liberal Democrats who are marching forward, upwards and onwards."

And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom, no doubt.

JPJ2 said...

You are going to be stuck with the rebuke of being illiberal and undemocratic for years to come.

No amount odfspinning is going to save you from that-and deservedly your vote will fall sharply in Scotland at the GE.

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