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Friday, 16 January 2009

Football loses the plot

Okay, Premiership footballers get paid stonking amounts but all this fuss surrounding Kaka is just crazy.

Have AC Milan, Manchester City and Sheikh Mansour not realised there is a recession and major economic crisis going on at the moment?

It is reported that Manchester City have offered £107million for Kaka, plus, yes PLUS a further £31million for his representatives!

His salary is then being reported as £500,000 per week which equates to £2,976 per hour!

No one, and I mean no one should be paid that and no one is worth that.


Anonymous said...

Unless of course the MCFC fans go on strike - after all the money must come from somewhere!

Caron said...

It's just crazy. I can't bear to think that people are living in horrendous conditions, even in this country, and footballers can earn this fantastic sum for kicking a bag of wind around a field.

As for nobody being worth that sum - I think you probably are:-)

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