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Friday, 9 January 2009

Labour plans pact to elect Sir Menzies as Speaker

That's the headline in todays Times.

There are indications, apparently that the current Speaker, Michael Martin is to stand down within months and rather than have a Tory Speaker it appears Labour want a Lib Dem one (as they really dare not nominate a Labour one).

Hurrah for the Lib Dems.

Well, I've certainly never rated Michael Martin, he just doesn't have that presence that previous speakers have had and when he shouts "Order" no one listens.

When he walks into a room, no one notices, and then there's the Damian Green incident where he acted appallingly.

So, who next?

Alan Beith is another contender, but to be honest I do feel Sir Menzies would be fantastic.

However, its a secret ballot for the MPs but last time round some heavyweight Tories backed Sir Menzies but would they this time if it was Sir Menzies up against one of their own?

Time will tell.

1 comment:

Will said...

It wasn't a secret ballot last time, it was a farcical series of normal votes. They talked about changing the rules - have they done it?

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