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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tories in financial crisis

Bury St Edmunds Conservative Association isn't having a good day today.

Apparently, according to the local newspaper the East Anglian Daily Times "During a recent meeting with lawyers, Bury St Edmunds Conservative Association was told its debts currently amounted to £130,000."

£130,000 - ouch, that is a lot of money, especially given it is an election year!

The East Anglian Daily Times goes on to say "Mr Flack, who was chairman of the association when the debts were incurred, said: “If I face legal claims which cannot be fully covered from the fund I have been advised that I need to serve contribution notices on everyone on the list so that they bear a proportionate share of their responsibility.”"

"“It is likely some councillors will resign from the party in protest.

“This could damage membership of the Conservative Party on a big scale in the whole country if all members found out they could end up paying their association's debts simply because they went to some meetings.''"

Read the full article here. Well done to the East Anglian Daily Times.

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