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Friday, 30 January 2009

SNP scaremongering is an outrage

It has really wound me up today - the scaremongering by the SNP and its spin doctors.

Claims such as council tax rises, 35,000 job losses and cuts in services have been peddled across the web, tv and in print by the Gnats (SNP - you see, I've gone native) because they didn't get the budget through first time round.

Such outrageous claims to scare members of the public - such low politics - but hey what else do we expect from a party that has performed so many u-turns on their 2007 manifesto pledges?

Shame on wee Eck (Alex Salmond for my English readers) and his team!

Then we have his puppets, aka the Conservatives who just dance to his tune.

They even joined the SNP yesterday in a vote to privatise Scotland's Forests by the back door - and when the vote was won, by just one vote, wee Eck did a little jig in the Chamber.

So a vote for the Scottish Conservatives is actually a vote for the SNP, I'm not sure that's what voters expected!

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