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Friday, 23 January 2009

Sainsbury's - shame or praise?

My supermarket bashing moves from ASDA to Sainsbury's this week.

How many of you knew that each week Sainsbury's sent 42 tonnes of food to landfill?

And if I have read the report and the article in yesterday's Metro correctly that is just in Scotland! Imagine how much more horrendous that figure is if you count the whole of the UK?

Now, I know they are now proposing to send this waste to a biomass plant to turn it into electricity instead which possibly could power 21,000 homes - although it doesn't actually state how long it will power those homes for - and this is admirable, my point is this;

Why are they overproducing so much food every single week that they need to throw away 42 tonnes?

I am sorry, but in this day and age when so many people are still living in poverty in our own country some of this surely could go to homeless people, shelters, hospitals etc etc

Sainsbury's could move the food before it goes out of date or don't produce so much in the first place, this story is not a good news one for Sainsbury's, it is one that shouts bad management, bad stock rotation and over production - shame on you Sainsbury's!

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