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Thursday, 1 January 2009

My 2008

Wow - what a year that was!

Career wise, 2008 definitely had its ups and downs. Those who work closely with me know what the main issue was for me in 2008 :-)

2008 started with the commencement of the London GLA and Mayoral campaigns with Brian Paddick as the London Liberal Democrats Mayoral candidate and an array of candidates across London for the GLA Constituency and List.

The election campaign pushed me to the limits on many levels, I learnt a tremendous amount and it made me view some things both politically and career wise slightly differently.

The result was a little hard to swallow, especially with only returning a team of three to the London Assembly. Caroline Pidgeon, Dee Doocey and Mike Tuffrey are the Lib Dems group in the GLA.

Nobody should underestimate the Liberal Democrats in London because of this campaign. In all Council by-elections last year the Conservatives averaged 36%, Lib Dems 29% and Labour 25%.

We were and still are outpolling the Party that is the National Government!

During the London campaign the Party advertised the post of Deputy Director of Campaigns for Scotland, after a discussion with my partner we both decided I should apply, so during a very busy and stressful time at work I put together my CV and also went to the Scottish Liberal Democrats Spring conference in Aviemore.

I got the job - hurrah, but really couldn't think much about it as we still had polling day to get through!

I eventgually got through the London campaign and then had to start planning a move to Edinburgh. I moved up first on Friday 30th May and on the Saturday morning was out delivering leaflets in Dunfermline with Willie Rennie MP, Elspeth Finlay and Caron Lindsay.

Roger arrived in August with Zennor, I had gone down to help them move up on the train. We were both really worried about Zen especially as once in her cage she gets stressed out. In the taxi to Kings Cross Station she was bad, but once we arrived at the station and then got on the train and all the way to Edinburgh she was an absolute angel.

Since we moved here we have had to move and now have a lovely flat in Western Harbour.

I have had a baptism of fire since my arrival with two Parliamentary by-elections, first in Glasgow East where our candidate Ian Robertson was brilliant - a star of the future - and the second in Glenrothes with our candidate Harry Wills. My sincere thanks both to Ian and Harry and the fantastic teams who helped me through those four months!

Since then I have had time to concentrate on our Euro 2009 campaign and also start to enjoy this beautiful country that is now our home.

Happy New Year!


Caron said...

It just dawns on me that that Saturday in Cowdenbeath was probably the best day weather-wise of the whole year:-)

Love the new colours........

Mark Pack said...

I hope 2009 brings you slightly fewer elections!

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