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Friday, 23 January 2009

Peterborough Rail Station

Twenty years ago I started working at Peterborough Station as the Senior Supervisor for British Rail Catering.

Back then we had a small newsagents run by Ursula, a cafe bar on platform 4, Upper Crust on platform 2 plus the main cafe/bar also on platform 2.

I remember Hazel the Asst Manager who lived in Wisbeach, Craig the Deputy Manager - Hazel and I disliked Craig as he was on our graduate fast track management scheme - and Liz the General Manager, there were lots of other staff but that was the management team.

The main cafe was open 24hours and I spent my 21st birthday doing nights.

Back then Brother Beyond was in the charts and the weekend for my 21st I went to Blackpool with my best mates Richard and Andy - I won't go into lots of details but I got drunk, that's all you need to know :-)

Today is my 3rd weekend at Wyboston and I cannot belive how dirty the catering outlets are and how rude the staff are, I bet it doesn't take the money me and Hazel used to take on an early shift with the lady who worked nights (I can't remember her name) we were ace - a customer walked in and by the time they got to the till their drink was ready because we knew them, we chatted to them we were part of their daily commute and we made them laugh.

The company know doesn't seem to give a toss about anything other than money and yet it they treated the staff and customers right, they'd make much more money.

Lesson of the day - speculate to accumulate.

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