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Monday, 26 January 2009

Traing station moaning - part 2

Not Peterborough this time, Aberdeen Stations Lemon Tree is my moan.

The young guy behind the counter was clean, well dressed but hadn't heard (and if he had he didn't know how to use them) of please or thank you.

He served one lady then before she had managed to move shouted "next" so the young girl in front of me, who was clearly showing more bottom than I wanted to see tried to say what she wanted but the person in front was still trying to move.

And I didn't stand a chance when she moved and it was my turn as he was transfixed by the part of the bottom hanging out.

He couldn't make a latte if his life depended on it and put his hand in the cup to fetch it off the machine.

Where is the hygiene and manners?

As I said at the weekend - it were different back in my day!

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