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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

MPs Expenses - or Freedom of Information (Parliament) Order 2009

Why oh why do some MPs think their expenses should not be subject to public scrutiny?

So, party politics aside (I am a Liberal Democrat) - top marks to Jo Swinson MP for Tabling a Parliamentary Motion on this, it is EDM 492.

I am encouraging all my readers to write to their MP urging them to sign this EDM and you can do this so easily by using this website - write to their MP is a great free to use and easy service.

I have today written to my MP, who has yet to sign it, as he is part of the Government I am not optimistic he will do so.

Ministers are planning to keep MPs expenses hidden from view, why? What are they scared of?

Why should it be one rule for MPs and another for everyone else.

write to your MP today urging them to sign the EDM.

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