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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Lib Dem MPs make the difference

After only days of campaigning and pressure from people all over the UK and Liberal Democrat (and Conservative) MPs the Government, who are wildly out of touch with real people, have shelved their plans to exempt MPs expenses from the Freedom of Information Act.

Liberal Democrat Federal Leader, Nick Clegg said: "The Liberal Democrats are totally opposed to any Government move to allow MPs to avoid being subject to Freedom of Information requests.

"At a time when families are having to count every penny, it is outrageous that MPs are seeking to hide how they spend their money."

You can read the Nick Clegg's full statement here.

Today, the MPs will still vote on their expenses, but this is more about the auditing process and whether to have 26 headings rather than the current 9.

Well done to MySociety and Unlock Democracy for running a great campaign on Facebook, common sense won in the end but would it have done without this group and the Lib Dem & Tory MPs?

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