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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Guest post from honourable muzunga moompi Hugh O'Donnell MSP

Hugh O'Donnell, Lib Dem MSP for Central Scotland region writes from Uganda.

Well, today brought to an end to my work activity and the project we have been working on for the last two weeks (almost).

The consensus among my Ugandan colleagues seems to be that the 'honourable muzunga moompi Hugh' (short White politician) translation from Lugandan - stop laughing please, had been useful and helpful - they even invited me back.

Workshopitis can be a problem here but it does seem to suit the very methodical approach to problem solving and team work.

Best two laughs of the day coming up.

I have been saying since I arrived that Scotland has too much rain, Uganda has too much red dust and sunshine, so we should do a swap.

The unusual scene of rain in Uganda
Today it poured from the heavens, and at lunch time my colleagues from Uganda gave me a small bag of red Ugandan dust!

I asked about the sunshine and they said we'd agreed on only one swap, and they decided that the dust they could spare better than the sun!

Score one to Uganda:-)).

All great fun.

Tomorrow is a final de-briefing day with VSO and my project team, then packing.

One more post tomorrow then home at 7.00 am on Friday.

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