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Friday, 6 August 2010

SNP spend £1million on ministers limos

As hundreds and thousands of us face tightening our belts and watching the household spending the SNP ministers carry on living a life of luxury at taxpayers expense.

A total of £929,899 has been spent on ferrying around ministers and senior government officials, and a further £65,759 on private hire vehicles.

The cost of running and maintaining a 25-car fleet, plus staff costs, had increased compared to previous years.

The SNP finance minister John Swinney was criticised earlier this year for making a 200-yard journey to a television studio in a chauffeur-driven limousine.

Perhaps he like other ministers should learn to put their left foot in front of the right and then carry on as before, it's called walking.
Ironically the figures were unearthed by Labour's Lord George Foulkes who himself had claimed, according to the SNP £27,576 for his taxpayer funded trips to and from London, over £15,000 of which went on flights since his election to the Scottish Parliament in May 2007.

It is great to see Labour and the SNP are as hypocritical as each other.  STV have the full story and figures.


cynicalHighlander said...

You missed this bit "The Scottish Government's overall travel costs decreased by more than £1million from £5.9million to £4.9million in 2009-10 and the costs of private hire car journeys, which are only used as a last resort, have also dropped significantly."

It is cherry picking season though.

Indy said...

So the message is - SNP Government spends £1 million less than Lib Dems and Labour on transport.

Anonymous said...

And, indeed, ignoring the obvious fact that the Lab/Lib Dem Scottish Exec was largely composed of central belt ministers whereas the current Scottish Government is reflective of - well, the whole of Scotland.

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