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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Gym bunny Reeves - weighing 2kg less today (5kg less intotal)

My weekly session with Richard Kerrigan my personal trainer at the Newhaven David Lloyd gym is now switching to Tuesdays.

My start weight on 16th August 2010 was 128.3kg, at the end of week one I was down to 125.8kg and today I lost another 2.5kg and now weigh 123.3kg.  So, I have lost 5kg or 11lbs in just two weeks.

I am really, really pleased with this.

Last night I did a late evening gym session and a short slow run in the morning!

Today yet again Richard put me through my paces, and today I was so determined not to quit on any of the exercises.  I did downgrade the weights on one rep of my lifts but did achieve everything else this week.

I am using more weights now and even one of the weird vibrating pilates machines while doing press ups - very strange feeling in my hands more than anything.

I am genuinely starting to feel the positive impact of the visits, I am less tired and obviously less fat lol.

I have conference coming up soon and I know this will be a challenge as it is a really busy week of work for me (and many others).  I was a little disappointed this afternoon to discover there is no gym at the hotel so will have to look elsewhere - there are two David Lloyd gyms so need to check my membership allows me to visit them, otherwise I will just have to do some running.

So two week sin, still losing weight, still enjoying it and drinking nearly 3 litres of water per day!

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