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Friday, 27 August 2010

Thursday's gym session with Richard Kerrigan, the David Lloyd Personal Trainer

Yes, this week was always going to be a challenge because of having two sessions in the one week with Richard Kerrigan my personal trainer, I realise most of my readers will actually have more sympathy for Richard's challenge having me as a customer rather than me, but you can't blame me for trying now can you?

I came away a little disappointed yesterday as there were two tasks I didn't see through to the end and actually conceded defeat, which really annoyed me.

Both were new challenges in Richard's attempts to get me fit and it has made me more determined to achieve these next time but also my main goals - losing the flab and staying fitter as I get older, given I am 42 this is not an option I can give way on.

My stretches and warm up were fine and today (okay, I know, yesterday now) I actually got to go on one of the bikes used for spinning classes, bloody hell they are just that bit harder and therefore push you more, especially when you also have a PT on your shoulder insisting you sprint as well - yes, sprint, I know.

I managed that one.

The shoulder press was one I failed on and didn't manage my usual three reps of 15.  My left shoulder is weaker than my right, something I wasn't aware of until I started at the gym last year and it is something I need to strengthen and ensure I don't concede defeat again.

The second failure was more of a semi failure and although I finished the three reps, the final one was without the 8kg weight.  Holding the 8kg weight to my chest, I have to step up onto a block, about 10-12 inches high and then thrust the other leg upwards at the same time as thrusting the weight above my head twelve on each foot, three times.

I am sure there is a more technical way of explaining this but hey, you will for now just have to imagine me thrusting legs and arms in an upwards direction.

I was knackered, no other way of putting it.  I was assured by Richard that anything above the heart is always harder, so although this was my first time, I know that next time, I have to do this.

Then there were a couple of my old favourites which were all pushing me but I did them, I know the saying goes no pain, no gain but yesterday was bloody painful.

Richard has a knack of asking if the weight is okay, if I say yes he adds more weight on - I do wonder what he would do if I said no, I suspect he would add more weight on as well.

I have a day off today, Friday and then will be back over the weekend under my own steam and then next Tuesday for my next PT session with Richard.

Seriously, if you are struggling at a gym talk to the staff about having a PT, it does cost money, but currently I do not begrudge a penny of it.

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Caron said...

You are doing fantastically well at this. I am so impressed!

It's not failing when you are trying your absolute best. You never do anything half heartedly and I'm sure that these tasks will, in a few weeks time, be a lot easier for you.

And if Richard wasn't challenging you beyond your capabilities, you wouldn't be getting your money's worth.

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