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Monday, 2 August 2010

Why Bob Crow and the Unions are wrong

I'm interested to know why Bob Crow thinks having national strike days will benefit the country or those of us who live here?

Its easy for a Union official such as Bob Crow to call for a national strike but instead Mr Crow, why not propose some alternatives that the Liberal Democrat- Conservative Coalition Government could explore?

And that is where we lose Bob Crow and the Unions, its much easier for him and others from the Union movement to just snipe from the sidelines about the Coalition Governments actions rather than do anything positive.

Given the Coalition Government is trying to sort out the massive debt that the Labour Party (funded by the Unions) and its MPs (many offices also funded by Unions) left behind after thirteen years of irresponsible overspending, it is bizarre and hypocritical that the Unions are complaining at all in my opinion.

Strange how Bob Crow and others were silent over that thirteen years of irresponsible overspending?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with many aspects of the Coalition Governments announcements either, mainly those that are obviously Tory.

I am however delighted that ID cards have gone, that child detention is on its way out, that 900,000 people will be taken out of paying tax, that gay marriage is being talked about, that rural fuel derogation is a step closer to becoming reality, that fairer votes are going to happen and more - and those are only because there are Liberal Democrat MPs sitting in the Coalition Government.

That's the difference Bob Crow, the Liberal Democrats were an effective and substantial opposition party now in Government still standing up for fairness.

What are you and the RMT doing, apart from moaning, whinging and demanding folk come out on strike where they won't get paid for that day, although you will still get paid so what do you care?

What will the strikes actually achieve other than those people losing a days wages and giving the anarchists a day out?


Adam Bell said...

I'm sure Crow's response would be 'I don't need to come up with an alternative, I'm just doing my job, which is to represent the short-term interest of my members'. He is the ultimate jobsworth.

Frank the banker said...

Fully agree with your post, the real problem with crow is when not abusing others under his alias therealbob

he seems to be striking or eating out, what this caveman can't understand, is you can't spit venom,abuse, etc then expect other to listen to you
seen him have I got news for you and looked a total moron, who should not lead a dog let along the RMT

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