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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Two jobs Lord Foulkes to quit Holyrood

Labour Peer, Lord Foulkes who is also an MSP is to quit Holyrood in favour of the House of Lords, but not until May next year at the Scottish elections.

In the Scotsman Lord Foulkes said:
"I have made it clear my name is not to go forward even for an allegedly 'unwinnable' seat."
Lord Foulkes has apparently, with others been disappointed by Holyrood.
"Up until now, Holyrood has, for various reasons, disappointed some of us who were among the founders of the institution."
 Surely though as one of the founders as he states he should have influenced changes to improve it?

But he is happier now he has seen the calibre of the candidates from all parties who are putting their names forward to stand in next years elections.
"I see among the new candidates being selected for all parties great hope for the future and the opportunity for it now to really fulfil its potential."
Lord Foulkes was elected to Holyrood in 2007. As well as being a life peer, he has also previously served as an MP.  When Labour won the 1997 general election he was made a junior minister in the Department of International Development before later becoming Minister of State for Scotland.

1 comment:

brownlie said...

Sadly for him, not many tears will be shed when he moves to the red benches.

BTW Is your partner Loco or is that the cat?

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