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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The latest news from Hugh O'Donnell MSP volunteering in Uganda

Sometimes here in Uganda beneath the seeming careful planning a little bit of chaos is found!

Today is a great example of just such a thing.

My carefully arranged workshop plans were thrown into the bin when I was told the subject was HIV/AIDS - 10 minutes before we were due to start, talk about winging it.

Anyway as a facilitator getting the 16 attendees into groups to discuss the issue was relatively easy: workshops are a way of life here.

It's partly because local people get an attendance allowance and fed if they turn up and they desperately need both the money and the food, but it's a bit disconcerting when some of them leave half way through - usually it's because if they get to the next one they get fed again and get paid for the half day.

Today the organisers were smart, no one got paid until the end, so I had a full turnout (they were interested really), joking aside it seemed to be well received.

Chaos number two of the day came with the surprise announcement that tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a public holiday of mourning for the funeral of former Ugandan President Godfry Binaisa - now you need to pay attention for this bit.

When Ide Amin fled there was a temporary appointment for three months, then Binaisa was elected and lasted for 11 months when the current encumbant took over and put a stop to twenty years of civil war.

So basically any excuse for a holiday and we're off tomorrow - except me and the group I'm working with - ho hum.

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