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Friday, 13 August 2010

BNP close to extinction as Richard Barnbrook resigns

Firstly we had the resignation of Lee Barnes the BNP legal officer, then mass suspensions of members and senior party officers mainly for supporting other people prepared to stand as leader against Nick Griffin, accusations of bankruptcy and now Richard Barnbrook, the BNP London Assembly Member has resigned and will sit as an independent.

Not that it changes his right wing views of course, nor to be honest will anyone really notice.

But Andrew Gilligan has the story.
Richard Barnbrook, the BNP’s London leader and its representative on the London Assembly, has today resigned the BNP label and will sit on the Assembly as an independent, I understand. This follows his sacking as the BNP’s Barking and Dagenham organiser three weeks ago after the party’s dismal performance in the May local elections.

Not very much noticed, the BNP is going through one of its periods of turmoil after its poor national election results in May, with Nick Griffin, its leader, fending off another leadership challenge this week.
Lee Barnes really lets the cat out of the bag and dishes the dirt on Nick Griffin and the BNP with statements such as;

"Bankruptcy of the party will have very serious implications for the BNP membership.

"If the party is made bankrupt then the BNP membership as a whole will be directly financially liable for its outstanding debts as an unincorporated association and not Nick Griffin or Jim Dowson.

"This is because Nick Griffin has no assets and Jim Dowsons financial assets are probably hidden away in some Spanish or Swiss bank account outside the UK."
Lee Barnes goes onto add;
"As far as I am aware the party is now technically insolvent.
"Outstanding court costs, wages bills, election expenses and also forthcoming legal cases against the party mean the BNP is now technically bankrupt."
And at the very end he quits as the legal officer and member of the BNP.

Although, what will happen to all those right wing facist and racist thugs across the country who remain members of the BNP, it will be great to see the BNP collapse but then where they will go?


Anonymous said...

BNP bankrupt ? The famous French bank must have been mightily mismanaged to do that !

Richard T said...

Only one place really - UKIP.

Anonymous said...

The truth is as the Party gets more and more professional with loads more people joining some long term but independent minded nationalists are being pushed aside. Butler and Barnbrook were responsible for Nick Griffins Parliament run in Barking when they had not done their homework on the Demographics, or proper canvassing. That not only cost the Party a huge expense on a race that could not be won but the fanatical effort put in by the Labour Party to stop Griffin at all costs including postal vote fraud, resulted in the loss of the 11 council seats . Butler especially in his then role as national elections coordinator was responsible for this which was why he was removed from that position and also why he has gone after Griffin. Butlers incompetance is why the BNP fought many seats where it could not get the 5% and did not fight at least a dozen others where it would have probably got 10%. Dowson with his computor driven statistical analysis has been pointing out the shortcomings of long term people, and many of them do not like it. The fact is Griffin hired Dowson to shape up the party infrastructure, and professionalize it, and about twelve people have been replaced in their positons and took it so badly they resigned or attacked Nick. Lee Barnes was the latest when Nick had to tell him no you can't tell people its OK to support the EDL and potentially violent street demos, when at the same time you are the BNP legal consultant. Richard Barnbrook has his heart in the right place but is tired of all the flack in Barking. He sought to back out of the affray by going independant until the smoke clears, no doubt on some treacherous advice that he could resign a Party seat, sit the thing out until everything was sorted about the expenses and not be replaced. Unfortunately It is a party seat won by the Party wide vote not a district seat fought for by individuals. If Griffin wanted to dump him, it would be simple just to appoint Bailey to the seat. Barnbrook is really a loyal member he just wants the Party to clear the air on the expenses, as do many who believed lying people like Bennet.
The truth on the expenses is that because Dowsons regional controls have not yet been put in place much more campaign literature was ordered and ads were purchased in several regions than there was cash collected to pay for. Also the ongoing legal expenses caused by the deliberately malicious filings of the Philips quango have been a quarter million pound drain. And people like you are trumpeting " the BNP is finished" in a malicious effort to dry up donations, trying to make it seem like a lost cause
Bottom line when the party soldiers on and doesn't implode as all you liars predict every time Griffin pries loose someone who is found wanting, and that someone and his few sycophants throw a hissy fit, I will reprint your little blurb along with the next BNP electorial success. Oh Yeah out of 4200 ballots Butler got 214 nominations. The party threshold for a leadership challenge - and this is a challenge that can be done every year, not an end of term election where the nomination threshhold is far lower - is twenty percent. A lot of those challenge nominations for Butler were people who like Richard Barnbrook, were troubled by all the Searchlies and just wanted to clear the air.
The fact is the formerly small BNP has gotten big so fast that the regional organizing capability could not keep up. Griffin is modernizing it and is removing any people not up to snuff, which unfortunately includes some people with strong nationalist politics but poor social skills. Dowson has been getting all the flack for just doing his job. Oh by the by Reeves, whether you print this or not I am copying your blog article and my response for future publication. If you don't print it well then people will know just what sort of a snake you are. Have a nice day JJB

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