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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Wednesday session at the gym

Today was my first session at the gym without Richard my PT.

The session takes around an hour but there's a lot to do, stretches, warm up, main work out which consists of leg press, shoulder press, squats, lat pull down, split leg squats - three reps of each, then onto a real selection of cardio workouts, then abs and core work and finally the coll down and more stretches.

I have to be honest, I still ached in my arms and legs from Mondays PT session, but I knew I had to work through this if I am to succeed in my goals.

All in all, despite the gym being quite busy with muscle men, I managed everything and even managed to get my ipod to work properly.  It took me an hour and a quarter, but not bad for the first one on my own.

By the time I had left the flat I had already drunk over one litre of water, another litre was consumed during my gym session then another half a litre later on.

Tomorrow is a further session with Richard and then I will be on one a week plus whatever I achieve under my own steam.

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