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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Baroness Scotland - the law maker turned law breaker

So, Baroness Scotland breaches very clear immigration employment rules with her cleaner, is subsequently fined £5,000 and despite being the Labour Government's legal adviser is not sacked!

Her defence was that she had no reason to suspect that her cleaner, Loloahi had overstayed her student visa and therefore working illegally.

The defence put forward by the Attorney General, Baroness Scotland quite frankly is pathetic and wouldn't be tolerated from anyone else.

When I worked in hotels and then the contract catering industry the rules were as clear then as they remain today. It is down to the employer to prove the person is eligible to work here in the UK so I don't accept the defence offered by Baroness Scotland and as she has been fined £5,000 by the UK Border Agency, neither do they.

Stephen Hesford MP has quit as her Parliamentary Private Secretary and said in his letter to the Prime Minister "My decision comes about because as an aide to the Law Officers, whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office."

Mr Hesford told the BBC that he saw the issue as "a personal honour situation".

Yet again we see the Prime Minister having to get involved in a situation which could easily have been resolved by Baroness Scotland doing the decent thing and resigning.

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