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Friday, 4 September 2009

Leaders TV debate - Salmond can go kiss ass

So, Sky News launch a campaign to have a televised Leaders debate for the General Election. Absolutely fantastic and about bloody time.

John Ryley, the head of Sky News, wrote to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to invite them to take part telling them all that faith in politics and politicians has been shaken, and a debate during the forthcoming election campaign would offer a unique opportunity to re-engage disillusioned voters.

Nick Clegg and David Cameron have already replied saying yes.

I am completely for this and always have been. I have signed the online petition already and ask all my readers to sign it here.

So, it all appears quite normal and then up pops Alex Salmond demanding a spot on the TV debate for the Leaders. Alex Salmond is a complete egomaniac in every sense, I saw him operate during the 2007 elections so am not entirely surprised, but he will have no right up there.

This debate is about the Leaders of the three main Parties, those who are going to play a key part in the next Government. The next Government is very likely to be formed by either Labour or the Tories (god help us). With the Lib Dems only having 63 MPs it will be too big a leap this time perhaps, although given how poorly the Labour Party are doing governing the country, who knows?

However, in the event that we have a hung Parliament, it will be Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats who will have the balance of power not the SNP or the MSP Alex Salmond!

So Alex, no, you shouldn't be on the televised Leaders debate. I understand he is not ruling out court action to get his way, what a bloody pathetic response. If you can't take the heat.......

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redcliffe62 said...

sorry mate, i disagree.
read the comments of macnumpty on this and you will se if not actually understand things from a different perspective.
in scotland the snp are the major party, and there is no way the liberals are a major party anywhere.
if cameron browen and clegg are the pm of the whole yookay they need to debate matters covering the whole of the yookay.
the nhs in england for instance has no relevance to scotland at all. it is not a yookay matter, it is an english matter, hence the need for separate broadcasts which sky cannot provide.
read it and then by all means constructively criticise, rather than rant away without understanding the nuances.

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