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Thursday, 24 September 2009

British Forces Post Office

So, Gordon Brown's Labour government is going ahead with it's cost cutting, and that is fine cuts have to got be made and all the political parties are currently setting out their stalls on this.

However, this in my opinion is one cut too far.

All members of our Armed Forces have now been advised that the British Forces Post Office facilities in mainland Europe will be shut down in September 2010.

What this means in reality is that any armed forces personnel and their families who currently enjoy the same postal rates as the UK will no longer be able to send things through a secure and cheaper network.

Withdrawal of this long established tradition will further erode personnel's ability to communicate with their families in the UK and guarantee the safe receipt of parcels.

Come on Gordon, for crying out loud, what have you got against the Armed Forces? This cannot cost that much in the scale of things?

So, as Christmas approaches next year we shaft our troops who are based in mainland Europe once more.

Sign the petition today and add your voice to nearly 30,000 others who think this is bonkers.

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