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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Scottish Lib Dem blogging goes from strength to strength

Well the Total Politics top 300 political blogs have now been announced, I was again astounded as my little blog has come in at 193 with a new entry - certainly my reading figures are definitely up and the best three days have been in the last 10 days.

My little blog is in the top 50 Scottish political, top 75 Lib Dem and now in the top 200 political blogs, I am so honoured and humbled - thank you everyone for voting for me.

Anyway, it goes to show that Lib Dem blogging in Scotland is going from strength to strength with Willie Rennie MP coming in with a new entry at 299, Bernard Salmon's sound of gunfire comes in at 292 also with a new entry, then there is me at 193 as said before with a new entry, then there is Stephen Glenn's Linlithgow Journal who climbs 46 places to 101 then Caron's musings (please note the use of the apostrophe) go and do it again and shock the blogging world with a new entry at number 67.

Then if that isn't enough excitement for the day then Lib Dem Voice publishes the nominations for the Blog of the Year Awards.

Both Willie Rennie MP and Councillor Fraser Macpherson have been nominated for "Best blog from a Liberal Democrat holding public office (The Tim Garden Award)".

Jo Swinson MP has been nominated for "Best use of blogging/social networking/e-campaigning by a Liberal Democrat".

Will Patterson of J. Arthur MacNumpty fame has been nominated for "Best non-Liberal Democrat politics blog" - it also appears that both Caron and I voted for Will. I did for many reasons, I don't agree with his political views (no great shock) but he does write a bloody good "page scrolling" posting.

Finally our very own Caron has been nominated for the "Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year".

The results will be announced at a sequin covered cushion event in Bournemouth on Sunday, now Caron cannot make it but I am sure Stephen and I will be there cheering Caron on.

Well done to all the Scottish Lib Dem bloggers and let's hope 2010 we go from strength to strength.


Caron said...

Thanks for the mentions! While I don't want to be ungracious, and I do give you lots of apostrophe related plaudits, the m of musings should be a capital:-).

We do have a very strong Scottish Lib Dem Blogsophere, though, don't we?

Stephen Glenn said...

And me, Schnauzoo and Lionel will all be there n Harry's Bar cheering on Caron on Sunday night.

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