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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Sun - flip flop or just a sales decision?

So, The Sun is no longer backing the Labour Party and once again is switching to back the Conservative Party. Is this The Sun flip flopping or nothing more than jumping off the ship before it sinks, or a more well thought out sales plan?

I go with the third option personally. The timing was too stage managed to believe it was either of the other two in my mind.

But, yes there is a but - the Scottish Sun has not come out for the Conservatives as they remain unconvinced, you can read more on Brian Taylor's blog - blether with Brian. David Dinsmore the editor of the Scottish Sun has said he is "yet to be convinced" that the Tories are the best party for Scotland.

Brian Taylor goes on to rule out The Scottish Sun endorsing Labour or the SNP, and even suggested the Liberal Democrats - for just a wee while. However Brian should remember that the Scottish Liberal Democrats are the second party in Westminster across Scotland so it is not as bad a suggestion as he perhaps first thought.

Now, does The Sun or any newspaper have that much sway with it's readers to persuade them to vote differently, we have very mixed views on this in the office today but generally we are of the view that no, they cannot.

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