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Friday, 25 September 2009

No expenses spared - the mole out the hole

We now finally find out why the mole who revealed all of the MPs expenses did it, according to the Daily Telegraph.

In a book released today "No expenses spared", we find out that the lack of kit for our armed forces was the motivation behind the leaks.

We also find out that the mole was working in a secret office in South London for the Stationery Office photocopying all MP receipts ready for the initial publication, and obviously something snapped after discussing with servicemen who were guarding them the lack of kit according to the Telegraph.

I do get the motivation of the mole in some respects and am sure they will be satisfied given the number of high profile scalps they eventually had, and also the fact that the MPs expenses have had the most radical overhaul for over 300 years must be a little satisfying. I am still not sure that it was the most responsible way the Telegraph could have handled it, but sales is sales.

I was annoyed however by the clear lazy journalism in some cases when every MP was tarred with the same brush and when particular MPs were hung out to dry when clearly they hadn't actually done anything wrong but journalists in London didn't know the geography of parts of Scotland or when MPs or their staff submitted receipts and only claimed for some items and the paper alleged the whole thing had been claimed for - that in my eyes ruined what was the truth versus laziness. As the saying goes, why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

This doesn't take away though that many MPs, the majority of which were Conservative, were claiming for things not only against the spirit of the rules but not even remotely connected to their work as an MP - such as the moat cleaning, mortgage overpayment's, the famous duck house, manure and the second home flipping (in effect meaning tax avoidance)!

Although now we know the full story of what motivated the mole, it is ironic (in my mind) that the kitting out of the troops and insistence on better and more equipment has been pushed (without any knowledge of this) by the politicians. I do hope the mole is also happy?

The Daily Telegraph is describing the book as "No Expenses Spared is a real-life political thriller and the definitive account of a scandal which will reverberate around Westminster for decades to come."

To purchase your copy please go to or ring 0844 871 1514 (reader warning - I searched for it here and couldn't find it).

I have to be honest, I will be buying my copy through Amazon. Where it is available.

1 comment:

subrosa said...

So we have to buy the book to discover if this person has left the civil service now but will we learn who they are? I understand, if Sky can be believed it's a he but that's as much info I have as yet.

Anyway good for him if he's managed to get a book published and not be locked up in prison for breaking the official secrets act.

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