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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Queen has a vigorous sex life

The Queen normally mates with a dozen at a time but has been known to mate with 100 in the space of a few minutes, reports The Scotsman.

Oh my god, you've come here to read about that Queen, no, no, no. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is not that kind of girl, I am talking about the Queen Honey Bee, obviously. You naughty people.

Researchers all over the world are very worried about the fall in number of honey bees, the honey bee plays a vital part in the overall food chain so the dramatic fall in numbers is concerning scientists.

So, a team of researchers at Leeds University are looking into whether the lack of choice of mates for the Queen within a colony is actually part of the problem, obviously if she isn't mating with enough of the males then the breeding slows right up and the numbers begin to dwindle.

There are many other reasons for the numbers of honey bees going down including the loss of habitat and food, but the team at Leeds Uni believe they've hit another fairly sensible reason and on the face of it I would agree. Let us hope that the three years the project will take won't see another dramatic fall in honey bee numbers, we don't want to see if the theory is correct that if bees die out completely then we are likely to do so as well.

Long live the Queen and may she fornicate early and often!

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