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Monday, 14 September 2009

Brendan Barber scaremongering with "riots on the streets"

Bizarre as it may seem I used to be in a Union, not only that I was the Health & Safety representative for NALGO when I worked for Nottinghamshire County Council.

I was appalled then at the "jobs for the boys" approach that the Union worked to and still am today. I saw blatant discrimination by other Union reps which ended up in me resigning not only as the Health & Safety Rep but also from the Union itself.

I crossed a picket line too, again because the strike was only benefiting the full time shop stewards and main union reps who were still getting paid their full salary while the actual workers who were striking about an actual grievance got nothing.

I wasn't prepared to be part of such hypocrisy.

As the TUC conference begins this week in Liverpool I see Brendan Barber is criticising the Labour government (good) but only in saying that public sector job cuts could raise unemployment to four million and lead to "riots on the streets".

Hardly constructive nor particularly helpful really.

Hmmm, a little Union scaremongering there I feel Brendan.

But then Brendan Barber is no John Monks!

Let's see how the TUC conference unfolds this week and if Brendan grows up a little.

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Anonymous said...

fucking scab

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