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Saturday, 26 September 2009

T-Mobile - what's the advantage of being on a contract?

Am I the only T-Mobile customer getting sick of seeing adverts with great deals for pay as you go customers?

Free laptops was an older one but now they are offering free texts for life if you top up with £10 per month.

My bill averages over £110 each month so where's my bloody freebies and loyalty gifts?

My contract costs me way more than that and what do I get? Sweet FA.

I have had no laptop, no free sim cards, no free dongles etc etc

Okay, I get a great discount on my blackberry but then pay a monthly charge for 18months so actually, I pay for it - through the nose.

I'm not entirely sure what the benefit actually is for staying on a contract opposed to pay as you go where you get freebies and loads of benefits?

So, come on T-Mobile, I challenge you to explain here on my blog.


Cllr Andy Rankine said...

I am on T-Mobile have one of their G1 phones with 800 mins and unlimited texts and internet, I pay £36 a month for that but what pees me off is that I have to pay to access my voicemail and also twitter is charged for on their mobile tarif... I tend to access twitter via the internet and thus avoid the connection charges..

so come on T-Mobile at least lets have some parity with the other phone companies, they dont charge for voice mail or twitter updates

dobson said...

From what I can tell the best deals are to be had on the "Solo" monthly contract, that's the one you can leave at 1 month's notice. Get your phone on eBay and pick a model which has been out for at least 6 months and you will have a better deal.

KelvinKId said...

The Solo deal is great if you don't need to use email or the internet. I get 350 minutes and 150 texts for £15.00 monthly but my phone is out of contract and I don't use the net much.

Ryan said...

At £110 per month you are really on the wrong tarrif. You should be able to get something offering '000s of minutes, unlimited text and unlimited internet (including Blackberry access) for under £50 with a phone thrown in.
Don't worry about offers of "free" laptops/PS3s, most of these come from dealers who hope you will forget to fill in the paperwork on the correct day and send copies to various offices, of which the addresses will be so poorly writen Royal Mail will end up returning to sender.

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