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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The speech - did Gordon win it, yes he did

I was actually less impressed by Sarah doing the warm up act than by Gordon Brown himself, he actually looked like he was enjoying himself for a change and relishing the election about to hit us, whereas Sarah sounded a little flat today.

I also enjoyed his speech because it did feel like spot the Lib Dem policy, there were enough to choose from, here are just some of them;
  • Recalling MPs guilty of fraud
  • free personal care
  • Cracking down on bankers bonuses
  • House of Lords reform (again)
  • Voting reform referendum (again)
And you are abolishing compulsory ID cards (in the next Parliament) Gordon was a step in the right direction and now you have taken that first big step, you could just go all the way and cancel them full stop. They do not stop terrorism as the awful train bombings in Madrid proved.

Gordon, yes it was a good speech, yes you stuck your two fingers up to the media who said you had to pull your best speech out of the bag, and you did, but I am afraid some of this is too little, too late and the fact you have copied and pasted so many Liberal Democrat policies into your election manifesto shows that both you and the Labour Party fear the Liberal Democrats more than you let on.

Because we are the only opposition party to fully cost our proposals you know you can copy them well this sort of flattery is fine but as today's polls showed, the good folk of Britain are starting to see through your policies because they aren't your policies, they are Liberal Democrat policies.

So, it is time for a change and the change is not the Conservatives, it is in fact the Party with the ideas and the vision - Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats.

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