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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Same old Tories - not as gay friendly as "Dave" would like

So, the Leader of the Conservative group on Bristol City Council, Councillor Richard Eddy has criticised a local LGBT group for receiving a Big Lottery Fund grant.

Instead of being thankful the money has in fact come into Bristol he described it to the Bristol Evening Post as "mistaken and misguided" and "an outrageous waste of money."

So here we see the same old Tories slagging off gay groups getting monies to fight homophobic bullying - it is about time that people like Councillor Eddy went and saw for themselves how hard it is coming out and the damage that homophobic bullying does, it can lead to suicide so surely if this stops one young person in Bristol from going down that path it is in fact money well spent.

I had it easy when I came out, I was 18 when I moved out of home and then told my Mum and stepdad - although me and my Mum didn't talk for three years we became closer and actually the best of friends, those three years in some ways were a price worth paying. I had known for years I was gay but did suffer bullying, not at school, but outside, a local thug just didn't take to me and a battle ensued.

If I had actually had access to something like the scheme in Bristol it would have saved me some sleepless nights but as usual when homophobia and bigotry get in the way it blocks the good work of schemes such as this.

Councillor Eddy should go and see the work the scheme actually does first before slagging it off, try educating himself rather than being ignorant, you never know, he might actually learn something.

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stuartbonar said...

As ppc for Plymouth Moor View I spoke last month at a question time event for Plymouth Pride.

I was there for the LibDems. Labour's council group leader was there for his party. But the Tories didn't take part.

I find it very sad that there isn't unanimity on this issue.

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