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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Cameron crashes as Popplewell asks about Conservative Gay Rights record

As we near the General Election it is not only the political parties setting out their stalls to the voters of the UK, but also the Party Leaders as well setting out their pitch to be the next Prime Minister.

Let's face it for months many journalists and pundits all over the land thought David Cameron and the Conservatives had it all sown up, those of us within the political bubble perhaps thought differently, especially dependent on which party you happen to be a member of.

Well, as we know if Gordon Brown or Nick Clegg trip up or have a complete awful day or interview, Cameron's Conservatives are screaming from every blog, tweet and facebook status update within seconds.

However, when David Cameron himself does it, then they go on the proverbial attack as seen here on Iain Dale's blog. I normally have a lot of respect for Iain's musings, despite his politics and choice of football team, but on this occasion Iain has fallen into the trap that many of us are tempted to do when our leader or Party cocks up and just run for the battlements to pour boiling oil over the oncoming online attackers.

Yesterday, David Cameron was doing a joint interview, where as he was being asked questions for Gay Times as he was also being filmed by Channel Four , this is fairly commonplace now.  However, Dave just completely lost the plot and went into a serious meltdown.

The interview seemed to start well with the interviewer Martin Popplewell asking David Cameron about equality and then moving onto a key vote in the European Parliament about Lithuania introducing it's own version of Section 28.

I blogged about this very vote back in September 2009, you can read it here - Conservatives are complete hypocrites on LGBT issues as Section 28 raises its ugly head again - well Cameron just got tongue tied and although was being honest and saying I don't know about this particular vote just got himself worked up.

Now, Iain Dale said in his blog post that hardly anyone within the LGBT community knew about this vote - Pink News which is good at covering LGBT issues political and not so covered it back in September 2009, when the vote was first discussed, then December 2009 when it reared it's head again and then in February this year when the law was introduced.

Oh yes, and that small lobbying group, Amnesty International were on the case as well.  Apart from that and many thousands of people across the world Iain, no one noticed it.

Camerons team let him down yesterday, he should have been better briefed, if someone had asked me what does Nick Clegg need to know about for an interview with Gay Times, that vote would have been on my list!

Anyway, watch it for yourselves and see what you think?

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