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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Labour seek new MP for East Lothian as Anne Moffat MP's appeal fails

So, Anne Moffat MP will not be joining her colleagues back on the green benches after May 6.

Anne Moffat MP appealed to Labour's NEC following Friday's Constituency Labour Party vote to de-select her, Anne lost the vote by 130 votes to 59.  You can read more about this here or here.

We now learn that Anne Moffat's appeal has failed.

Labour will now start seeking a new candidate just weeks away from the expected General Election.

Over on the BBC website;
Ms Moffat lodged an appeal and said the process had been unfair because many of her supporters wanted a postal ballot.
Labour are not ruling out enforcing an all women shortlist in East Lothian in the race to to replace Anne Moffat, although given the average selection battle for Labour has taken four or five weeks and they only have two to three to complete this one - will there be a Labour candidate at all on the ballot paper?

Labour are all over the place here in Scotland with a number of their MPs standing down and the in-fighting in East Lothian leading to Anne Moffat MP's de-selection, it is time for change, real change that works for you.

It is time for Stuart Ritchie and the Liberal Democrats in East Lothian.

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