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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Manchester United fans want the best of both worlds

Am I the only one who doesn't really get the point of the protest by Man Utd fans?

They don't like the current American owners, the Glazer brothers so they are all wearing the green and gold colours - which were the original colours of the old club.

With me so far? Even I understand that part.

Usually when you protest you don't then go and support the very thing you are protesting about.

That's where the Man Utd fans are weird.

Because they are still going to their beloved Old Trafford week in, week out. Paying the very same owners they are protesting against!

Surely the way to protest and hit the Glazer brothers hardest would be to stay away from Old Trafford and hit them in pocket?

No, instead as a symbol of opposition to the Glazers, Must (Manchester United Supporters Trust) has been encouraging the Man Utd fans to forsake United's traditional red and white colours and instead wear green and gold scarves, the colours of the club, then known as Newton Heath, until 1902 before it became Manchester United. Hmmm.

From The Guardian;

But a spokesman for the Glazers, who reiterated that the family had no intention of selling, said: "There is no dress code printed on the tickets, people are entitled to wear what they like. The important thing is that they show their support for the team."
David Beckham even got in on the protes recently when AC Milan came to play United at Old Trafford by sporting one of the green and gold scarves at the end! 
Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

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