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Monday, 15 March 2010

Unite Union slams Labour Minister Lord Adonis and then campaigns for erm, Labour

Am I really the only one that doesn't understand the mentality of the Unions and their relationship with the Labour Party?

British Airways are currently dealing with Unite on trying to negotiate a pay deal between BA and their staff, Unite have today criticised Labour Minister, Lord Adonis but then, send out letters, such as this one below all over the place persuading people to vote Labour!

I don't understand how unions can be so bloody hypocritical and claim to stand up for the people who work in the industries that Labour clash with, then they give millions of pounds to the very same Labour party to introduce the legislation that keeps unions negotiating with business.

Just imagine living in London, working for BA and then getting a copy of the letter above!  I certainly would be very angry.  It appears that biggest threat to job security in this day and age is the Labour Party, the one and same that Unite and other unions fund each and every year.


Martin Veart said...

It gets even more strange. This morning on Womens' Hour, Gordon Brown has condemned the planned strike as well.

So Unite is campaigning to return a government whose leader is apparently against their aims and members' interest?

Welcome to mirror hall of Labour funding.

J Robertson said...

I got a letter like that, urging me to vote for a labour mayor of London. Oddly enough they never sent any replies to my complaints about lack of legal representation. Not enough stamps left I suppose.

Dennistoun Denizen said...

The union leaders (as opposed to the members)are subject to two conflicting motivations. They want to appear to be defending the members against exploitation by the bosses (who are often Labour-led councils). But on a personal basis they have to keep in with Labour as they hope to get well-paid jobs in Labour quangoes and projects. I heard an apocryphal tale of a GMB meeting called to decide whether to take industrial action against Glasgow City Council. A sea of hands went up for "YES" and only a few hands for "NO". The guys on the platform looked out and calmly declared "The Noes have it." The audience erupted, but what could they do? It's not who votes that counts but who....

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